Chin Implant Arcadia

In years past, only the most discerning of patients would visit Dr. Chow with chin augmentation in mind. This was despite the fact that the chin, which defines the lower third of the face and jawline, has a major impact on overall appearance. But the chin is difficult to see when looking straight into the mirror, and so many of us never noticed how weak chins can and do affect our facial profiles.

However, the advent of cameras and camera-phones, together with social media such as Facebook and Twitter, has allowed us to see ourselves as others see us, which is more often than not at an oblique angle or profile view (from the side). As a result, chin implants have dramatically increased in popularity in recent years, as the chin plays a pivotal role in providing balance to the face. For example, a patient who feels that his or her nose is too large may be surprised to learn that correcting chin proportions reduces the apparent size of the nose and forehead. Others will notice that chin implants can provide volume lost during the aging process and reduce the appearance of jowls. Men may desire a “stronger” jawline. And many patients combine the contour effects of a chin implant with facial rejuvenation procedures such as facelifts, neck lifts, neck liposuction, and fat injections.

Dr. Chow has experience with a number of different implant materials. These implants are generally placed via an internal (inside the mouth) or external (small incision hidden just underneath the chin) approaches. To reduce infection risk and provide more accurate placement, the external approach is more commonly used. After careful examination of your face and thorough discussion of your concerns and interests, Dr. Chow can recommend the right chin augmentation method and material for you.

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