Double Eyelid Surgery Arcadia

For patients who desire bigger, brighter eyes by placing (or replacing) a fold in their upper eyelids, double-eyelid surgery, also known as Asian eyelid surgery, can result in attractive eyes that have a natural appearance. In the past, this surgery has been improperly described as a “Westernization surgery.” And, in fact, Western surgeons often performed it as a Westernization surgery, with a very high fold created that appeared unnatural and awkward in the Asian eyelid. Since approximately 50% of East Asians are born with double eyelids, and because the contour, height, and anatomy of eyelid folds are different between Asians and Caucasians, the “Westernization label is improper and short-sighted. Multiple techniques are available for the creation of a double-eyelid, and the one best suited to your unique situation will be chosen.

In Caucasian eyes, there are specific attachments that lead from the skin along the eyelid fold down to the deeper tissues. In Asian eyes without a fold, there do not appear to be any such attachments. The key to Asian eyelid, or double-eyelid surgery is to create an attachment to form a crease that deepens into a fold when the eyelid opens (retracts upward). In some cases, adjustments can also be made to the skin covering in the inner corners of the eyes, which can make the eyes appear as though they are spread too far apart. Opening the eyes in this way makes them appear more harmonious with the rest of the face and larger.

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