Botox for Facial Thinning (Masseters) Arcadia

This advanced technique is not as well known as Botox® treatments to the upper face, but is highly effective and can thin the lower face and provide a more refined jaw line. The ideal face is oval—something like an upside down egg. When the face appears more circular or square, even in someone who is young and does not yet have any drooping skin or soft tissue, this may be caused in part by large masseter muscles. These muscles are outside either side of the jaw and may grow to be very large. Botox allows these muscles to relax and become smaller over time, providing a more attractive appearance to the lower face.

The procedure takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes and can be performed on the day of your initial consultation. Dr. Chow will examine you and discuss any other treatments you might desire in order to refine the lower face, including chin enhancement, liposuction or Botox® to the neck, and cheek enhancement.



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