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Threadlift in Arcadia, CA

Gravity affects us all, and over time, it contributes a great deal to facial aging. Decades of constant downward pull result in sagging tissues that can make the face look older, tired, and even depressed or angry. Loss of facial volume with age exaggerates the drooping tissues.

Traditionally, facial plastic surgeons have treated gravity-related aging with surgery, including facelifts, brow lifts, midface lifts, and neck lifts. These continue to be the gold standard for treating facial aging, but there are now nonsurgical options to provide some improvement with minimal downtime and recovery.

What Is a Threadlift?

The thread lift is a nonsurgical alternative to the traditional facelift. Performed in the office, this minimally invasive procedure usually takes less than 45 minutes and can address the various areas of the face, including the neck, jowls/jawline, cheeks, and forehead. Best of all, there is minimal downtime required, and some patients have returned to work the same day!

Good Candidates for a Threadlift

For someone who has early aging, or anyone unable to commit enough time for surgical recovery, MINT (minimally invasive, nonsurgical thread lifting) can be an excellent option. It offers a safe and effective opportunity to lift sagging tissues in the face to a more youthful and vibrant position. It can be done in the office without surgery, and almost every patient is ready for work or social activities by the next morning.

Patients range in age from 23-73, depending on the specific aesthetic goal to be achieved. For younger patients, specific problem areas, such as brow shape and cheek position, can significantly affect facial appearance and expression. For most patients over 35, restoring the face to its previous appearance is paramount.

Thread Lift

The Benefits of a Threadlift

The fully absorbable threads are made of polydioxanone (PDO), which has been used for many years in surgical procedures. They are non-antigenic and cause minimal injury to the tissue while promoting collagen synthesis in the skin.

Areas commonly treated by MINT include:

  • Lower face and jowls
  • Forehead and brow
  • Necklines and jawline
  • Improving cheekbone contour
  • The “fox eye” or “cat eye” appearance

The Cost of a Threadlift

The cost of your thread lift will depend on the areas of the face being treated and the work needed to provide the patient with the results they are looking for. During your initial consultation, Dr. Chow can go over the expected cost of your thread lift. Financing options are available.

The Expertise of Dr. Chow

Dr. Chow is a double-board-certified facial plastic surgeon and believes in providing comprehensive cosmetic care. This includes providing a variety of options for his patients, including both surgical and nonsurgical techniques. Because of his extensive knowledge of the surgical anatomy involved in facelifts, he can perform especially effective advanced thread lift techniques that provide the results his patients desire. Since each patient is unique, both subtle and significant improvements can be made.

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You can see some before and after photos here. To see more photos and learn more about this exciting technique, which has been exploding in popularity, contact the Chow Center to schedule a consultation for your minimally invasive nonsurgical threadlift.



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