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Cosmelan Cream in Arcadia

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Get rid of blotchiness and uneven skin tone with Cosmelan cream in Pasadena. Stubborn dark spots can really ruin your youthful glow. Cosmelan is a cosmetic treatment offered at our clinic to help you address age spots, sun damage, and dark pigmentation.

What Is Cosmelan Cream?

Cosmelan cream is a specially formulated depigmenting topical solution that is recommended as an in-home treatment. The blend of ingredients in Cosmelan reduces and regulates stubborn pigmentation on your skin. It is effective and safe for a wide range of skin types.

This medical-grade chemical peel treatment helps control discoloration on your skin and prevent it from coming back. It can address melasma, sun spots, mild acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles. It penetrates deeper into the layers of your skin for better results compared to most skin-lightening products in the market.

Is Cosmelan Cream Good for Me?

If you want a clearer complexion, you may be an ideal candidate for Cosmelan cream. If you have tried a lot of products that resulted in irritation or had no significant effect on your skin, then getting Cosmelan treatments may be what you need.

Regardless of gender, age, and skin type, you can get Cosmelan treatments. Even pregnant women may be able to undergo this skin-lightening procedure.

Your Cosmelan Consultation

Your consultation with Dr. Jen Chow will involve a thorough evaluation of your skin and target areas. An examination of your overall skin health and complexion will be carried out. This will help Dr. Chow determine any treatments that can be done in combination with Cosmelan for best results. Dr. Chow should be told about your desired outcome, along with any concerns.

The Treatment Process

The first step is the application of a thick, creamy mask on your face, done by Dr. Chow in his office. Using a gentle cleanser, you will remove the mask 4 to 8 hours later. You will apply a cream provided to you to help reduce the redness and peeling.

Then, you will apply the second treatment: a daily cream that will help maintain the effect of the initial peeling. This is the next step in your Cosmelan treatment and must be applied up to three times a day for the first few weeks after your mask treatment.


You will not need significant downtime for healing or recovery after Cosmelan cream treatments. Following your first treatment, you will experience redness and peeling, which should disappear after a few days.

Sun sensitivity is not increased after treatment, but you are recommended to apply sunscreen regularly to get the most out of the Cosmelan cream. You are discouraged from combining Cosmelan with other treatments or skin-care products.

How Much Does Cosmelan Cream Cost?

The cost of Cosmelan cream sessions may vary from one patient to another. The overall price will depend on your desired results.

Set Up Your Consultation

Explore the benefits of Cosmelan cream in Pasadena to learn more about its effectiveness on skin discoloration and melanin production. Arrange your consultation with Dr. Chow today to start your journey to a clearer and more even skin tone.


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  • I went in to see Dr. Chow and he was amazing throughout the entire process, from the reception, to consultation, until the end. He answered all of my questions and made me feel absolutely comfortable with his abilities.
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