Lower Eyelid Surgery Arcadia

When we think about eyelids, most of us think only about the upper eyelids. Yet we also have lower eyelids that not only serve the crucial function of protecting and moisturizing the eyes, but also play a role in the overall appearance of the face. Like the upper eyelids, the lower eyelids vary between individuals for a host of reasons ranging from genetic to environmental factors.

The discussion below focuses on age-related changes to the lower eyelids that can be cosmetically improved with lower eyelid surgery (also known as lower blepharoplasty). This surgery may be done in conjunction with other surgeries, most commonly upper blepharoplasty and the midface lift.

As normal aging occurs in the face, the lower eyelids may develop “bags.” These bags under the eyes are often the result of fat protruding as the tissue layer holding the fat in weakens over time. Excess muscle can also form bags, as can a number of less common causes. The cheek fat pads also descend over time due to the effects of gravity, revealing hollow semicircular lines under the eyes that can accentuate any lower eyelid bags.

In order to rejuvenate the lower eyelids, lower blepharoplasty may include fat removal or repositioning, removal or resurfacing of skin, and occasionally some removal and redraping of the muscle. The first step to determine if this procedure is safe and likely to achieve your personal aesthetic goals involves seeing a facial plastic surgeon in consultation. Should you visit Dr. Jen Chow, you will also learn about other procedures that can enhance or further promote rejuvenation around the lower eyelids, including the midface lift.

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