A well balanced face appears angular with proportionate features that includes well-shaped nose, which creates a center of symmetry that balances the feature on either side of your face. One small but significant detail that often brings the face out of alignment when everything else seems proportional is the chin shape.

The chin plays a large role in balancing out the features on one’s face. A weak chin can make the nose appear bulbous, make the lower region of your face look short, and give you a top heavy appearance. Fortunately, the placement of a silastic chin implant can redefine the natural contours of the face to give someone the sharp facial features they desire.

Candidates for Chin Implants

A chin implant surgery is ideal for anyone who is unhappy with the shape of their natural chin and wish to sharpen its appearance. This type of surgery is very popular among men and women as it helps to deliver a proportionate facial aesthetic that can improve your overall look.

Chin implants are similar to other cosmetic implants in that they are available in a multitude of options that can be customized to fit your unique needs. The implants are made from silicon and are similar in appearance to a narrow chin guard present in a sports helmet. The treatment is safe and highly effective.

Whether you want a stronger chin or simply one that fits your unique look, a chin implant surgery can help get you the look you have always wanted. Before the surgery, your doctor will provide you with an idea of what to expect after the treatment is completed to help you decide on the surgery.

Deciding on a Chin Implant Surgery

Cosmetic surgeries like a chin implant are tailored to fit the needs of each patient. What may seem ideal for one person may not have the same effect on another. Chin implants are beneficial for patients who seek to enhance their natural face structure with a strong jawline.

It can create a noticeable difference in chin size, shape, and projection. You will make a great candidate if you:

  • Have a chin that has receded or weakened with age
  • Were born with a naturally weak chin
  • Loss facial volume
  • Have a disproportionate lower face
  • Have unbalanced facial features
  • Experience facial asymmetry
  • Suffer from facial deformities

Patients who’ve identified other reasons apart from the ones listed here are also suitable candidates for chin implant surgery. Your plastic surgeon can recommend a plan of action to help rectify or enhance the natural appearance of your chin.

Chin implants are not recommended for patients who:

  • Suffer from cardiac diseases or hypertension
  • Are in poor health
  • Have unrealistic expectations from the surgery
  • Feel pressured by someone else to get the surgery

Ultimately, the decision is yours alone and should only be made with care.

What to Expect After the Chin Implant Surgery

As with any invasive surgery, swelling and slight bruising are expected in the weeks that follow the chin implant surgery. These mild symptoms can be managed with pain medications and swelling is expected to subside progressively over time. Once you have fully recovered, however, you can expect to have a well-defined and aesthetically pleasing facial structure.

Schedule a Consultation to Learn More About the Chin Implant

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