Botox for the Forehead Arcadia

Age, sun exposure, and a host of other environmental factors can lead to horizontal lines on the forehead caused by chronic muscle contractions. Over time, these lines deepen and become permanent.

By administering Botox®, Dysport®, or Xeomin® to the forehead alone or together with treatments to the brow and crows feet, the forehead, brow, and eyes can be rejuvenated. For younger individuals getting these lines for the first time, Botox® treatments can be preventative and retain a youthful appearance much longer. Deep, permanent lines are less likely to form if the lighter temporary creases are never made!

Botox Before and After Picture


Botox can also help eliminate the long, horizontal lines that can form across the forehead, as seen above. Depending on the location and technique, injection of the forehead can also arch the eyebrows. In certain individuals, however, particularly those with significant forehead aging and extremely deep set lines, Botox® may not be the ideal treatment. The best way to determine if this treatment is right for you is to see Dr. Chow in consultation. You can call (626) 447-3223 for an appointment, or simply fill out the contact us area on this website.

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