Asian Rhinoplasty Arcadia

Dr. Chow performs a significant number of nose surgeries on patients of Asian descent each year. These noses have unique features that present specific cosmetic concerns. For example, the nasal bridge may be very low, making the nose appear short and squat. Wearing glasses of any kind may be difficult without a bridge to the nose to help hold them up. There are even those who use makeup to produce the illusion of shadows on either side of the nose, providing it with a more three-dimensional appearance. This issue is one that is commonly addressed in Asian rhinoplasty, but may not be addressed in rhinoplasties for those with “humps,” or nasal bridges that are too large.

Another common feature among Asian noses is a wide nasal tip (near the nostrils) that is round and has little support, therefore projecting too little from the plane of the face. In order to produce a taller, thinner, and more sculpted appearance to the lower half of the nose and nasal tip, multiple techniques may be used. Dr. Jen Chow has experience with several different techniques and can use the one that will best fit your unique nose.

At the Chow Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, you can choose between surgical or nonsurgical techniques for nasal reshaping, depending on your specific aesthetic goals. Dr. Chow will take the time to discuss your concerns and together, you will be able to decide on the ideal treatment plan.

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