Midface Lift Arcadia

We all know that each individual ages differently, and yet most of us never consider the fact that different portions of our faces age at different rates, too. By examining various parts of the face and how they age, one can then address facial rejuvenation appropriately. In general, Dr. Chow discusses three major parts of the face as part of the aging process, plus the eyes, which frequently are a cosmetic issue for many of his patients.

These sections are:

  • The forehead and brow on top
  • The eyes (with the upper and lower eyelids)
  • The midface, which includes the cheeks and has the mouth as its lower border
  • The lower face, which includes the jawline and even the neck

The Midface Lift addresses the central part of the face. Often, patients are concerned about the bags and deep hollows under their eyes, and require more than just lower eyelid surgery (lower blepharoplasty). They may notice sagging of the cheek pads, producing a drooped, tired appearance to the midface. This is a common feature of aging, and yet many of the traditional techniques for facelift do not adequately address this problem.

Many surgeons will state that they address the midface, either through a traditional facelift incision (as part of the deep plane facelift, for example) or by using simple sutures to hold up the mid-facial skin. Dr. Chow uses specific endoscopic techniques to elevate all of the tissues (rather than just pulling on the skin) to provide a more natural, longer-lasting change.

Therefore, at the Chow Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, an innovative technique called the endoscopic midface lift is employed to help rejuvenate the central portion of the face and return it to its original appearance. If you want to learn more about facelifts, you can click the link to return to the main facelift page.

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