Neck Lift Arcadia

As each successive generation lives longer, more active lives, we can feel vibrant and active long after our faces and necks begin to betray signs of aging. The neck helps to frame the face, and over the years, exposure to sun, gravity, and other environmental factors can cause sagging, unflattering hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin), and heavier wrinkles. The necklift is performed to tighten the neck skin only. In general, this is not frequently performed without a facelift as well, since tightening only the neck without addressing the jowls and lower face can produce unsightly and folds in the junction between the face and the neck.

Many patients desire a return to the smooth, natural contours of their younger years. Some want to elevate sagging cheeks (midface lift); others may be more concerned with jowling around the chin and sagging in the neck. When patients visit the Chow Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, they frequently focus on a single aspect of their appearances rather than the overall look of the face and neck as a whole. Therefore, many patients may ask to correct a “turkey neck,” or sagging neck that truly troubles them. However, patients are rarely satisfied with a neck lift alone. In fact, should you be told during a consultation that a neck lift alone will fully address your concerns, Dr. Chow recommends that you seek a second opinion.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Chow will evaluate the soft tissues of your face and neck, as well as the underlying bony architecture. You will have ample opportunity to discuss your personal cosmetic concerns and aesthetic goals. After examination of your head and neck, Dr. Chow will be able to provide you with a global assessment of your facial aging (including the neck) and suggest possible solutions.

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