“Single eyelids” is a common characteristic among Asians and comprises approximately 50 percent of the population. It is a type of eye without an upper eyelid crease. It is not a physical anomaly or a genetic malfunction, it is simply a unique trait transferred from generation to generation.

More and more people, however, are interested in altering the appearance of their eyes for both aesthetic and functional reasons. Although most people don’t want to alter their unique traits, an Asian eyelid surgery can give you the option of improving their facial features without robbing you of the features unique to your ethnic background.

Asian Eyelid Lift Surgery

The Asian eyelid surgery is a cosmetic procedure that is popular among people of Asian decent, who want to alter the look of their eyes without hindering their unique traits. Most people decide to undergo this procedure to improve their appearance and enhance their visual prowess. If your eyelids are causing you to have vision problems, the surgery can prove to be a useful solution.

This procedure can also be used to help create a crease on the upper eyelids and get rid of the single eyelid look. It will leave them looking bright-eyed and alert. For women, it can also make it easier to apply eye makeup.

Why Do People Choose To Undergo This Procedure?

The Asian eyelid lift is the perfect solution if your eyes cause you to look aged and tired. It’s a safe procedure that can provide a number of different benefits such as a more youthful appearance and improved eye function.

It may be ideal for you if you feel that your upper eyelids are puffy and the absence of a crease causes you to look tired all the time. Also, if you have issues applying makeup like eyeliner and eye shadow, this surgery can make those tasks easier as well.

In other cases, the upper eyelid may contain overhanging fat that can cause vision problems. This procedure will help remove the unnecessary fat and create a crease, dramatically improving your ability to see.

Are You a Candidate for This Procedure?

There are many factors that come into play before your surgeon gives you the green light to undergo the procedure. First, you must be in good health and provide your surgeon with a detailed medical history. Your surgeon will analyze your facial symmetry and the structure of your eyes.

Different people have variations in the definition and symmetry of their eyes and eyelids. Creating a customized solution for every individual is necessary for obtaining the best results possible.

What to Expect During an Asian Eyelid Lift Procedure

An Asian eyelid lift can be performed via incisional or non-incisional procedures. Both methods involve attaching the skin of the upper eyelid to the levator muscle underneath it. This will help create the crease. Any excess fat or skin is removed so that the crease is more defined.

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An Asian eyelid lift is the perfect solution for people of Asian decent who want to improve the look of their eyes while retaining their unique features. Dr. Jen Chow, a double-board-certified facial plastic surgeon, can talk to you about the procedure in more detail and help you acquire the look you desire. Contact our office to schedule a consultation today!