Are your eyes making you look older and constantly fatigued? Have you tried the numerous non-surgical corrective remedies to get rid of dark circles and puffiness from under the eye, but haven’t seen any significant results? If this sounds like you, then worry no more, because there is a solution to this issue that countless others are suffering from, and that is lower eyelid blepharoplasty.

Aging and the Appearance of Dark Circles

Visible dark circles under the lower eyelids are the culmination of numerous physiological processes associated with the aging process. Eyes during our youth appear full, proportionately short with no visible dark circles.

When the skin loses its elasticity, fat from underneath the eye separates from that present in the cheeks. The separation is also triggered by a noticeable drop in the cheeks. As a result, there is an empty pocket created between the eye and the cheek where fat begins to accumulate. Prominent dark circles are the shadow cast by the drooping lower eyelid over the cheek.

Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty to Remove Predominant Puffiness

Puffy eyes make you look tired and interfere with the beautiful symmetry of your face. Cosmetic eyelid surgery is the procedure that successfully removes all signs of aging, including bags under the eyes and dark circles.

With age and other genetic predispositions, fat begins to accumulate in the eye socket. When left untreated, there are high chances of eye irritation and obstruction of vision. If not for cosmetic reasons, lower-eyelid blepharoplasty is also performed to correct vision.

Although, eyelid surgery is the solution for most candidates, there are few exceptions. Patients suffering from certain ophthalmic conditions are not eligible for blepharoplasty. These conditions include dry eye and glaucoma. Other medical conditions, not related to the eye, but nonetheless affect the eligibility of a candidate are genetic conditions like hyperthyroidism, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure.

If you suffer from any of the above-mentioned conditions and lack the required orbital anatomy (insufficient bone structure to accommodate the procedure), you won’t be considered a good candidate for the treatment.

A Refreshed Face with Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty

Apart from removing puffiness, eyelid surgery is also known to change the skin texture of the lower lids. A change in texture is done through eyelid retraction. The removal of excess skin alone is inefficient in erasing eye wrinkles.

Even the case where the lower lid becomes lose with age and starts to show the white region between the lower lid is corrected through blepharoplasty. In such cases, the lid is horizontally tightened to correct the dropping position of the lower lid.

While most patients assume blepharoplasty entails the removal of fat deposits from the lower lid, the procedure is more complex. Blepharoplasty is an invasive procedure and an incision is made along the pink tissue underneath the lower eyelids.

Through the incision, your surgeon will access the fat deposits to either completely remove it or relocate into regions shoeing dark circles. An expert cosmetic surgeon ensures that the incision is camouflaged along the lower lash line so that it will be virtually invisible.

On the whole, eyelid surgery, apart from correcting droopiness, improves vision, removes lines and offers a refreshed appearance.

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