By now, I am sure that almost all of America has heard about and/or seen images of Kim Kardashian’s wedding last weekend. Her wedding was lavish, elegant, extravagant, and of course, brimming with celebrities. But most importantly to me, Kim looked absolutely gorgeous walking down the aisle! For the next few articles, I will be focusing on how to get Kim’s wedding look. Kim has a team of stylists to keep her looking flawless all the time, but these key tips will help us regular people look fab on a daily basis.

Glowing Skin. Kim’s skin looked amazing (of course)! Her face was absolutely glowing (from happiness or makeup?). How do we at home get gorgeous glowing skin? The tip that everyone will give you is of course the basic 3 step routine: cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize. However, if you want to step it up a notch, I would go with medical grade skin care products like Vivité instead of over-the-counter products. The difference is in the ingredients. Medical grade products can only be distributed by licensed professionals, so you can rest assured that you are getting products that really work. If you are going to a special event, I would also recommend a glycolic peel a couple weeks in advance to help get your skin glowing to the max.

Flawless Skin. Notice how clean and clear Kim’s complexion is? Clear skin radiates youth and beauty. If you have acne-prone skin, I would recommend that you pick up a prescription for Retin-A from your doctor. Dr. Chow often prescribes Retin-A to his patients to help clear up acne and control breakouts. Retin-A also can help promote collagen growth and improve overall skin texture. It’s also very important to note that you must wear sunscreen on a daily basis to protect your skin from the sun and UV damage. Your sunscreen should be at least SPF 30 and contain titanium or zinc oxide. Ultra-violet radiation can cause more than just sunburn; it can cause irregular pigmentation, increased wrinkles, skin cancers, moles, freckles, etc. If you have moles or freckles, you can also see a doctor to get these removed. There is generally minimal discomfort and it is not very expensive to remove moles, and it does make a difference to how flawless your skin looks. As you can see, there is not a single mole on Kim’s face or body!

Wrinkle-Free. Although Kim is only 30 years old, she is no stranger to Botox. She showed the world her Botox injections on her reality TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Due to the fact that Kim had reached her 30th birthday (big number for us women), she started to look in on non-surgical procedures to look younger. Botox can be used as a preventative measure to treat wrinkles and lines. If you are concerned about aging and future wrinkles (or getting rid of current ones), or would like more information, visit this link.

Makeup. As you can see, Kim’s foundation matches her skin perfectly. One of the biggest makeup blunders you can make is not having your makeup match your skin tone. Experimenting is one way to find the perfect foundation, or you can always have a professional help you. These days, many stores have a lenient makeup return policy, so you can try and try until you find your perfect shade! To apply foundation smoothly, make sure you start with a clean surface. Then I would apply sunscreen and moisturizer. After waiting a few minutes to let those products dry and soak in, I would then apply my foundation. Most professionals recommend using a foundation brush instead of a sponge to apply your foundation, because a sponge soaks in the product and wastes it. However, I really like applying my foundation with a sponge for an everyday look. You can get these at minimal cost at any drugstore; usually, they range about $3-$6 for a pack of two. Since the sponge does soak up some of the foundation, it gives a more natural and smooth finish, and it’s a little bit more difficult to over apply. For the days that I need more coverage or if I know that I will be taking photos, I apply my foundation with a brush.

A tip to make your foundation last longer is to use a foundation base, or a makeup setting spray after you have finished applying all of your makeup. A must do to get the glow look is to use highlighter. Make sure you dust a little bit of highlighter on the top of you cheekbones blending up to the temple. A celebrity secret to have your face and body matching perfectly is to apply foundation to your body. Mix a little bit of your foundation into your body moisturizer and smooth it on to your neck and shoulders to get even skin tone all over. To set your makeup, dust your face and body with a loose powder before finishing up with your blush and optional bronzer. Another tip to looking photo perfect, is instead of setting my foundation with a loose powder, I set it with a foundation powder.

Check back next week for a tutorial on how to get Kim’s gorgeous eyes!