The quest for great looking skin starts with maintaining an excellent care regimen. Exfoliation is a step that can't be skipped if one wants to achieve a smooth skin complexion. It involves removing the layers of dead skin to reveal the new, more youthful skin underneath. Therefore, exfoliation should be done two to three times every week depending on your skin type and exfoliator.

There are many types of exfoliation out on the market, including various scrubs and peels. Some folks even use baking soda! Depending on your age, skin type, your environment, and diet, finding the right exfoliator can make all the difference.

If you choose to use scrubs, make certain the beads are small and fine. Your facial skin is very delicate, and large beads, such as those in St. Ive's Apricot Scrub, may be too harsh for your face. Many cosmetic lines offer small micro-beads, and when applied, these should feel like a gentle massage. Your skin should feel clean afterwards without that dry feeling. Just as you would wash your face, use both hands massaging in small, circular motions when exfoliating.

Chemical peels take exfoliation to a greater extent. Light peels often involve products that naturally occur in fruit, such as glycolic acid. You can get it over the counter in lower concentrations, or have treatments done by a qualified medical professional at more potent levels. Chemical peels usually work by applying a solution to your skin and then allowing time for the skin to "peel" off. Gentle medical grade light chemical peels, such as the Vivite Glycolic Peel, are effective and you should see a difference in your skin the next day! In addition, there is usually no "recovery period" for light peels, although in some cases, the peel may occur over several days as the dead skin falls away from your face.

Some people also use towels or sponges to exfoliate. But if you choose this method, make sure everything is properly sanitized, since reused towels can easily collect bacteria and mold, which are then transferred to the skin. Also, the towel should be made of a soft material that is not too abrasive for your skin.

Regardless of which exfoliation technique you choose, be sure it's the right one for your skin!