Among those of us who are Asian, at least half are born without that coveted "double eyelid." This double eyelid is created when a fold, or crease, exists in the upper eyelids, and often makes the eyes themselves appear larger and more striking. Double eyelid surgery is a safe and established way to provide this appearance. To learn more about this topic, please read Dr. Chow's entry “Asian Eyelid

Some Asian women prefer to try nonsurgical, temporary techniques before moving on to double eyelid surgery. These generally involve tape or glue. Most are safe, and depending on the shape and internal structure of your eyelids, may be fairly effective. Today, I will focus on just how tape can be used to achieve natural appearing lids that make the eyes like bigger and more defined.

First, purchase transparent surgical tape from your local drug store, such the 3M NexCare Flixible Clear First Aid Tape. You can also purchase pre-cut eyelid tape online or from Asian beauty supply boutiques. Pre-cut tape is easier and more efficient to use, especially if you are pressed for time or a beginner; naturally, it is more costly than a simple roll of surgical tape.

Double Eyelid Tape

If you are making your own eyelid tape, cut a piece off about the length of your thumb. Then use a pair of small scissors with straight blades to cut a thin strip in the shape of a half moon (crescent). The length of the tape should be 1-2cm shorter than the width of your eye. It should be as identical as possible in size and dimensions to pre-cut tape. Pre-cut tape usually comes in a standard shape, which can still be too long or too thick for your eyes. Trim it to fit the length and shape of your eyes.

Using a plastic fork applicator (shown above), or your finger, gently push up on your eyelid to create the desired double-eyelid look. Place the trimmed tape right on the fold. Adjust the tape to the preferred shape. If you have really thick upper eyelids, or have no double folds at all, cutting your own tape is the best choice. Depending on your eyes, the thickness of the tape may range from two to three thin pre-cut eyelid tape strips stacked on top of one another. Place the tape(s) just above your lashline to hold up the skin on your eyelid. It should create the crease you need for double eyelids.

Experiment with different positions and sizes of tape to create the best, most natural look for you. Although eyelid tape is useful if you want a temporary double eyelid, it is time consuming and constant application and removal can be irritating to your skin. It may also interfere with proper make-up application and, worst of all, can often be seen by your friends!

In general, for anyone who is sure she or he wants a permanent double eyelid, surgery is the best option. If you are just starting to think about that new, more striking appearance, then tape just might be your first step.