I am blessed to have a job where one of my responsibilities is to browse the web. As I was reading about the latest news and gossip, I stumbled across this article about More Men Getting Plastic Surgery (though they’re not likely to talk about it). I thought it was interesting that more men are deciding to care and pay more attention to their looks. Obviously, women are often held to a higher standard than men to maintain their figure and looks but it is nice to know that we are no longer the only ones! So for all you men out there, what are the top procedures that men are having done, and why?

Botox. Botox injections are currently the most popular cosmetic procedure for men as well as women. Men get wrinkles and look angry and tired too because of the lines that come with aging. The business world is getting more and more competitive for men. With the fresher, youthful, and more energetic generation coming in who are constantly competing for the older generation’s jobs, it’s no wonder that men want to keep looking and feeling younger. Men are more prone to getting wrinkles between the brows that tend to make them look angry and tired. They are also prone to getting the horizontal lines on top of their forehead, also known as “character lines.” However, for some reason, men do not care about crow’s feet (wrinkles around the outer corners of your eyes) as much as women. Botox is an easy solution for men with these wrinkles. To read more about Botox, click here.

Skin Care. Men are starting to care more and more about their skin, which is great. I would hate to snuggle with someone with scaly, hard, dry skin. Men need to pay even more attention to skin than women, since their skin is naturally coarser and rougher. Women can get away with using non-medical grade skincare products, but to really treat and tackle men’s skin, I would highly recommend them to use medical grade skincare products. A great product for men is the Vivité Exfoliating Facial Cleanser. It helps to loosen the unproductive top layer of skin so that it can be scrubbed away to reveal fresh, new skin. If you are new to skin care, the Exfoliating Facial Cleanser is a great place to start. Another top skin care procedure that men are getting is chemical peels. Men of all ages are getting these to help clear up acne, minimize pores, tighten, smooth and even out their skin tone overall.

Radiesse. This little quote caught my eye when googling Radiesse and men, “Radiesse makes cheeks, even in men!” As men get older, their cheeks can sag and hollow out as well. Radiesse is a quick and minimally invasive treatment to fix the problem. Before this job, it never really occurred to me to pay attention to people’s cheeks, but it really does make a difference to how young you look. It’s a quick fix to make you look instantly younger, and with the right doctor, no one will be able to figure out why. If you are fresh from a divorce, or want to be more competitive in the workplace, try seeing your facial plastic surgeon for a consult for Radiesse or other fillers and see what they can do for you. To read more about Radiesse, click here.

Minimally invasive procedures are definitely becoming the most popular for men. However, there are also rises in surgical procedures such as liposuction, facelifts, rhinoplasties, etc. With the health kick that is going on right now, men should be caring more about their physical states. More men than ever are starting to quit smoking, eat healthier, and exercise more. These things help men live longer, have healthier lives, reduce the risk of heart disease, and lead to many more positive things. It is only natural with the changes that men are making to their lifestyles, that they are also starting to care more about their appearance. After all, it’s always been the total package that we women want.