When people decide to get nasal reshaping (rhinoplasty, often called a nose job), they usually want to fix an imperfection such as a bump, a low nasal bridge, or to make the nose smaller. Others need to fix a breathing problem (by getting a septoplasty), or have experienced a traumatic injury to their nose. Most people don’t know or realize that a nose surgery can make you look younger!

When you age, you think of wrinkles, cheeks and skin sagging, and development of the turkey neck. Most people don’t realize that while all the other features of your face are aging, the nose ages as well. As you age, the support mechanisms in your nose start to weaken. This can cause the nasal tip to deproject (to become shorter and closer to your face) or even rotate downwards so that it points towards the ground. It can also cause a “pseduohump” (a bump on your nasal bridge) to develop, which you may or may not have had when you were younger. The nose can also lengthen as you age.

According to a new study, rhinoplasty can, in fact, make you look younger. Their results showed that most patients looked 1-2 years younger. On average, most patients looked 1.5 years younger after rhinoplasty. So take that into consideration when you are at your next cosmetic consult!

When picking your facial plastic surgeon, remember to check his/her background and credentials. You want to make sure that your doctor is board certified so that when he/she is working on fixing the way your nose looks cosmetically; he/she doesn’t affect the way that your nose functions. I would also suggest that you stick with a facial plastic surgeon.

If you are considering rhinoplasty, you now know that it will not only help you look better in general (and fix any breathing problems with your nose that you might have), but as an additional bonus, it will also help you look younger!