The other day, a cashier asked my age as I was purchasing NyQuil (who knew you had to be over 21 to buy NyQuil?). My mind went blank and I stuttered for a few moments as I stumbled towards an answer. This led to the thought that it would be nice if you could be the age you felt inside. You want to look your best at your age, and to do that, you have to take care of yourself first. With that in mind, try these tips to pamper yourself and start looking younger!

Manage your time and stress level. Make sure you are getting plenty of sleep every night and drinking plenty of water. When I look haggard, I usually haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep or am extremely stressed…or both! Stress truly does make you look (and feel) older! Manage your stress levels with exercise, meditation, reading, or any hobby you find enjoyable and diverting. Adequate sleep is also a big factor, so set a bedtime and keep it – you will be more productive if you are well rested.

Enhance what you have. Looking the best that you can does not mean trying to look like someone else. You truly want to augment and highlight the features you already have. Make your lashes stand out with Latisse, brighten up your skin with Lytera, revitalize your lips and regain that plump pout again with fillers such as Juvederm and Belotero. There are so many fast, easy options available to smooth fine lines, reduce wrinkles, and even out your skin tone. Make sure you look your best!

Finally, prevent additional aging. Wear sunscreen daily, as it can reduce as much as 25% of skin aging. Using Botox before brow lines or crow’s feet become too prominent or, worse still, permanent can help delay the tell-tale signs of aging.

Let’s all get “carded” when we stock up on NyQuil. Look like you feel, and feel great!