Recently Yahoo! Shine caught up with Lucy Hale – she is one of the stars of ABC Family’s hit show, Pretty Little Liars – to get her tips on how to look awake even when you aren’t feeling so energetic. Living in Los Angeles, we all have fast paced full schedules which usually does not give us much time to rest. I found her tips to be pretty helpful, and decided to share some tips of my own for looking less tired!

Cover up dark circles. Being tired causes your skin to react in ways that it normally doesn’t. For example, the delicate area under your eyes can get drier than normal, causing you to look even more tired. This is because the skin thins as it become more dry, and the dark, purplish muscle underneath shows through. Make sure you moisturize the area before you apply your concealer to get more even coverage. Also, you will have more wrinkles in that area when you are tired, so apply a primer so that your makeup will stay put longer and not cake into the wrinkles.

Put away the tweezers. Thicker brows are in! Not only are fuller brows now the trend, but if you have thicker, softly arched brows, it can make your eyelids look higher so that you seem more alert. Stronger eyebrows also can draw attention away from your tired eyes. Did too much tweezing in your younger years? My trick is to not only just use Latisse for my lashes, but after applying some to my lashes, I use a little to touch up my brows as well! (Latisse is a prescription product; contact your facial plastic surgeon for more details.)

Add some color to your lips! When you are tired, your eyes are usually the most obvious indicator. You want to add a bold color to your lips so that it distracts from your eyes and also wakes up your entire face! Need a little help in the lip department for fuller lips? A commonly used lip filler is Juvederm, and in the hands of a board certified facial plastic surgeon, you will have natural looking fuller lips in less than an hour!

What tips and tricks do you find helpful for looking awake? Share your comments below!