Unfortunately, most of us don't take the extra time to care for the skin on our hands and neck. Therefore, a glance at the neck often reveals one's true age, regardless of what make-up and skin care has done for the face. Since one's neck and decolletage are almost always exposed to sun, just as the face is, they should also be included in daily skin care.

Taking preventative measures is crucial to maintaining youthful skin. Don't forget to cleanse and exfoliate your neck and chest areas to get rid of excess dead skin. The skin of the neck and decolletage isn't as sensitive or fragile as that on the face, so they tolerate a more aggressive routine.

Don't pull and rub too hard, however; you can still form wrinkles and stretch skin so that it sags!

After cleansing, apply facial cream and serum as you would to your face. Gently massage in a circular motion until it has all been absorbed. During the day, remember to apply sun block that protects against both UV-A and UV-B. Also try to minimize sun exposure by wearing sunglasses and hats.

If your skin already has signs of spots (hyperpigmentation), skin lightening products such as Vivite Vibrance Therapy can help you regain a more even skin tone. Vibrance Therapy has been clinically proven to brighten skin over a two month period with regular use and has all natural active ingredients.

If you live in a sunny climate as I do, skin care isn't just for the face. Treat every exposed area as well as you do your face. You'll be glad you did!