Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Preparation Arcadia

The procedure itself generally takes less than 15 minutes. It can be done in the office without any “downtime,” and patients have chosen to return to work right after the procedure. A numbing cream or ointment can be used beforehand to minimize discomfort.

Not every nose is ideal for nonsurgical rhinoplasty. Because a dermal filler such as Radiesse, Juvederm, or Restylane will be injected, the final nose will have greater volume. Therefore, the procedure is ideal for those with very low (or no!) nasal bridges, as the additional volume can produce a higher, more attractive nasal bridge. The nonsurgical rhinoplasty is popular among Asians for this reason. It can also be used to smooth irregularities such as unsightly bumps or depressions. For significant changes to the tip or nostrils, a rhinoplasty, or nasal reshaping surgery, is recommended

Before the Procedure

During your initial consultation, Dr. Jen Chow will perform a complete history and physical examination of your face and nose to determine if nonsurgical rhinoplasty is the appropriate solution for your cosmetic concerns. He will fully explain the risks and benefits of the procedure, taking the time to answer any questions you may have.

Before having the injections, you should avoid taking medications, supplements, or herbal remedies that thin your blood and increase your chances of bruising. Any over the counter analgesics in the aspirin or ibuprofen family of medications, including Alleve, Advil, naprocin sodium, and Motrin, among others, increase your chances of bruising. Vitamin E, garlic, and ginseng can also increase your risk of bruising.

The Procedure

Once you decide to have nonsurgical rhinoplasty, you will most likely have a topical numbing cream/ointment painted on the outside of the nose. An ice pack will be provided to reduce any discomfort and also decrease your chances of bruising.

The procedure usually consists of one to three injections of filler, most commonly Radiesse, followed by gentle massage to achieve the final shape. The procedure usually takes less than fifteen minutes.

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