Mini-Facelift Recovery Arcadia

After the Procedure

Most patients have very little pain after the mini-facelift. In fact, many only require over the counter Tylenol. Swelling is usually very modest, and is reduced by an overnight dressing that is removed the morning after your procedure. You will be seen the morning after surgery, and sutures may be removed as early as five days after surgery.

Many of Dr. Chow’s patients resume work or school within a week after surgery. There may still be some residual swelling and/or sutures that need to be removed at that time. However, most such sutures are well hidden and difficult to see. In most cases, mild bruising that occurs can be covered by makeup, a turtleneck shirt, or scarf.

No strenuous activity (including heavy lifting, running, etc.) should be undertaken in the first week after a mini-facelift. Moderate physical activity (a long walk, light jogging, etc.) may be done at the two week mark, and just about all normal activities may be resumed after three weeks. Office work that does not require significant physical exertion may be done within a week of surgery.

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