Midface Lift Preparation Arcadia

Restoring the central face through the endoscopic, minimally invasive Midface Lift is a remarkable way to regain that youthful look to the eyes and cheeks with long lasting results. Unlike many advertised midface lifts that use nothing more than a “threadlift” technique to raise the skin only, Dr. Chow uses an innovative, longer lasting technique that lifts all of the soft tissues of the midface to rejuvenate the face. Because it raises the cheeks, this procedure must be done in concert with a lower eyelid surgery (lower blepharoplasty) and is also performed with an endoscopic brow (forehead) lift without any additional incisions.

Before the Procedure

The first step towards addressing your cosmetic concerns is to have an in-depth consultation with Dr. Jen Chow at the Chow Center for Facial Plastic Surgery. This will provide you with the opportunity to review your aesthetic goals with the facial plastic surgeon himself. Additional before and after photos will be available to you, and you will receive an information packet that will describe much of what you discuss in greater detail. This will allow you to review the information at your leisure after your consultation.

Once you have scheduled your Midface Lift, you will still have the opportunity to ask Dr. Chow any and all questions you may have regarding the procedure during your pre-operative visit. You will receive prescriptions for any medication you may need after surgery (such as antibiotics and medications to relieve discomfort). You will also be provided written instructions regarding what you should do before and after surgery. These will be reviewed with you so that you are completely comfortable about the procedure. Foods, supplements, and even vitamins that may thin the blood should be avoided. Aspirin, ibuprofen, Aleve, and other over the counter non-steroidal inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) should be avoided as well.

If you color your hair, you may choose to do so at least a week prior to your surgery. You should avoid hair dyes for several weeks after the procedure, depending on your type of surgery, in order to maximize safe healing afterwards.

The Procedure

Your Midface Lift will be performed by Dr. Chow at a fully accredited surgical facility. Because you will need either “twilight” or general anesthesia, you will not be able to eat or drink after midnight on the day of the surgery.

You will be given specific instructions leading up to your procedure. Some helpful tips for the day of surgery include: avoiding clothing that must be pulled over the head (zippered or buttoned shirts are recommended), leaving jewelry and valuables at home, and keeping the face and hair free of makeup and hair sprays or gels, respectively.

Once you have arrived at the facility, Dr. Chow will mark your face for the procedure and use hair bands (when appropriate) to preserve the hair and keep it away from the facelift field. He does not need to shave any hair in order to provide excellent results.

The incision lines for a Midface lift are hidden in the hair. Two incisions measuring approximately 3-4cm in length (approximately 1-1.75”) will be made, one on each side, above and anterior to the ear within the hair bearing portion of the scalp. Two, occasionally three, small incisions just large enough to allow for a telescopic camera to be placed will also be made higher up in the scalp. This allows the smallest and fewest number of incisions to be made for a surgery in which most of the incisions are hidden within the hair.

Because the Midface lift brings sagging cheeks and the Midface to a higher position on the face, it must be performed with a lower eyelid surgery to remove excess skin below the eyes, as well as a brow lift so that excess skin does not collect at the temples once the cheeks have been raised. These procedures are commonly performed together.

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