Chin Implant Recovery Arcadia

After the Procedure

Most patients have mild to moderate discomfort after the procedure. Some patients have required only over the counter Tylenol for their discomfort. In addition, some patients have mild to moderate numbness over the chin and lower lip due to swelling around the nerve(s) that provide sensation to this area. This is not permanent, as sensation generally returns when the swelling subsides.

The tape and any stitches are usually removed four to five days after surgery. Mild bruising may occur, though most patients have minimal bruising by five days after surgery. Activities should be light in the first week after surgery, avoiding strenuous physical activity or too much sun exposure.

You should avoid resting your chin on your hands or otherwise placing pressure on the chin implant, especially in the first few weeks after surgery. Contact sports and ball sports (kick-boxing, football, etc.) should be avoided as well. Any of these can cause the implant to shift.

Moderate physical activity, such has light jogging, hiking, etc., may be resumed two weeks after surgery. Normal non-contact physical activity can be resumed after three weeks. After six weeks, you may resume all normal activities.

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