Brow Lift Recovery Arcadia

After the Procedure

Dr. Chow will see you the day after your brow lift to remove your dressing and drain. You should apply antibiotic ointment at least twice a day to the incisions in order to promote healing and prevent infection. You will also be provided an elastic wrap to be work around your head in order to continue to reduce swelling and speed recovery. After five to seven days, you will only need to wear this wrap at night.

Depending on the procedures you choose to have, you will see Dr. Chow several times in the week following your procedure to remove any stitches and clips as needed. You should rest for the day following the procedure. During the first week, light activity only is recommended. After two weeks, light exercise (such as jogging shorter than usual distances) is permitted. After three weeks, you can expect to return to all normal physical activities.

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