Lower Eyelid Surgery Recovery Arcadia

After Your Lower Eyelid Surgery

You will receive an information packet prior to your surgery explaining what to do and what to expect after lower eyelid surgery (lower blepharoplasty). You will also have access to reach Dr. Chow after hours and during the weekends should you have questions or concerns.

You will have medications to take after surgery, including an eye ointment, an antibiotic to prevent infection, and a pain medication. You may receive medication to reduce swelling as well. It is important to take the medications as prescribed. Feel free to contact the Chow Center for Facial Plastic Surgery if you are unsure about your medications at any time.

You will have a number of required follow up visits immediately after surgery. These visits enable Dr. Chow to see your progress as you recover. Patients are often seen the day after, three days after, and one to two weeks after surgery. Should you decide to have your lower eyelid surgery at the Chow Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, your actual follow up visits may vary depending on your unique circumstances.

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