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Get the Lashes You’ve Always Wanted!

We all want thicker, darker, and longer lashes, and there are so many ways to get them! The eyes are one of the most important aspects of your face, as they are usually the first feature you notice when looking at someone. So how do you get these luscious lashes? (Besides caking on the mascara, […]

How To Get Brighter Skin

One of the key factors for youth and beauty is glowing, even toned-skin. Therefore, as you get older, you must become more vigilant in applying sunscreen. Ultra-violet (UV) radiation from the sun is the most common cause for uneven skin tone (or hyperpigmentation). Also, skin cell turnover slows down as you age, and that can […]

Your SPF MakeUp Doesn’t Measure Up

If you are anything like me, you purchase combination beauty products to make the morning routine faster and easier. Blush that can double as lipstick, for example, or foundation powder with an SPF rating for sun protection so it can double as sun block. I try to buy products that provide such protection, since we […]

Three Must-Haves for your Face

As you may already know, the Chow Center for Facial Plastic Surgery has recently added a clinical esthetician to our staff. Naturally, I immediately took advantage of this opportunity! I sought her out because of a large pimple I had the other day, which I wanted (needed!) to be gone by the weekend. She knows […]

The New Beauty Craze… CC Creams?

BB creams (beauty or blemish creams) which were very popular in Asia have now officially began to catch on in the US. BB creams are basically over the counter multi-tasking tinted moisturizers that help hydrate and even out your skin tone while providing your skin with some common antioxidants. They even treat pimples and blemishes […]

Three Easy Ways to Ruin Your Skin

In a recent blog entry, we noted that one of the key factors to looking great is good skin and provided tips on how to keep your skin healthy. If you missed that article, you can read it here. Have you been following these tips and still find yourself with skin woes? Maybe you didn’t […]

Sunscreen Slows Skin Aging

As most facial plastic surgeons have been telling their patients for many years, excessive sun exposure not only increases the risk of skin cancer, but also causes many of the signs of aging we see. At the Chow Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, I have regularly recommended that my patients apply sunscreen on a daily […]

Plastic Surgery while Pregnant?

For some celebrities, having the right look means continued success in the public eye. But at what cost? There have been some recent reports that Kim Kardashian is continuing to receive medical cosmetic treatments despite being pregnant. Elective (optional, not life- or health-saving) surgery during pregnancy is almost never recommended. That said, there are many […]

Tips for Clear Skin

One of the key factors to looking great is good skin. As the largest organ in the body, it’s one of the first things that others notice when they look at you! Now that the rising temperatures and melting makeup of summer is right around the corner, you want to have great skin so that […]

Make Sure Your Botox is Legitimate

Given the fierce competition in Botox pricing, there are fraudulent vendors who have been illegally selling Botox online or tricking medical providers with fake Botox. The FDA has recently issued a warning about bogus Botox. Be sure that you get only legitimate Botox from a qualified and experienced provider!


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