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Thinking About Asian Eyelid Lift Surgery?

Published on August 24, 2017

“Single eyelids” is a common characteristic among Asians and comprises approximately 50 percent of the population. It is a type of eye without an upper eyelid crease. It is not a physical anomaly or a genetic malfunction, it is simply

Is the Endoscopic Forehead Lift the Better Choice?

Published on July 13, 2017

Do you have a problem with sagging skin on the forehead? This is an issue that many people have to deal with as they age. It can lead to drooping and misshapen eyebrows, resulting in an aged and tired expression

Have You Heard About the Endoscopic Forehead Lift?

Published on May 16, 2017

As we age, we tend to develop frown lines, smile lines, folds, and wrinkles on the forehead. These can develop from gravity, stress, sun exposure, and other environmental factors. As a result, the brow can make you look much older

Regrow the Dark, Full Lashes You Deserve

Published on May 4, 2017

People lose their eyelashes for many reasons, including rubbing or scratching their eyes too much, stress, hormonal imbalances, allergies, age, and a number of other factors. We all want full, dark, and thick eyelashes without having to apply loads of

Asian Rhinoplasty Enhances the Nose While Preserving Aesthetic Cultural Identity

Published on May 1, 2017

Rhinoplasty helps to reshape the nose and give it a better and more attractive shape and overall appearance. During rhinoplasty, it is important to retain certain nasal features intrinsic to the patient’s culture, race, and ethnicity; too many changes will

Poly-L-Lactic Acid and Sculptra

Published on April 3, 2017

Wish you could refresh your face? With aging comes a loss in facial volume, leading to a hollow appearance of the cheeks, below the eyes, and in the temples. Wrinkles and lines appear as well, adding years to one’s look.

Nasal Surgery to Correct a Dorsal Hump

Published on March 31, 2017

We may want the perfectly shaped nose with a straight bridge and triangular tip between almond-shaped nostrils. But not everyone is blessed with the perfect nose, and those who aren’t can always have plastic surgery to help achieve their aesthetic

A Necklift as Part of a Full Facelift

Published on January 20, 2017

Your face is the most defining part of your body. It’s what people see and judge when they meet you. Unfortunately, it’s also the part that gets affected most by the elements. The face, along with the neck, is subject

Look Forward to a Better Nose

Published on January 16, 2017

The nose is a central facet of our facial features, and as such, it’s one of the first things that is noticeable about a person’s physical appearance. Because of this, it’s no wonder that it plays a prominent role in

Botox Injections to Smooth Out Fine Lines

Published on December 12, 2016

Before facial wrinkles set and become permanent, they begin as fine lines on the face and often form in a person’s mid-thirties. When the muscles under the skin contract, they cause these dynamic fine lines to form, and over time,

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