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How to Get Kim’s Gorgeous Eyes

Last week, I wrote about how to get Kim Kardashian’s wedding look, with specific focus on her skin and face. This week, I am going to focus on how we at home can get Kim’s gorgeous eyes. Of course, Kim has double eyelids. For anyone who does not have double-eyelids, and is interested in options […]

How Kim Kardashian Gets Her Look

By now, I am sure that almost all of America has heard about and/or seen images of Kim Kardashian’s wedding last weekend. Her wedding was lavish, elegant, extravagant, and of course, brimming with celebrities. But most importantly to me, Kim looked absolutely gorgeous walking down the aisle! For the next few articles, I will be […]

Anti-Aging Hairstyles

What woman isn't concerned about getting older and how aging can affect our looks? As the years pass, our faces wrinkle, droop, sag, and deflate, among other things. We can reduce and even prevent wrinkles with Botox, replace lost facial volume with Sculptra, get back those high cheekbones with Radiesse, and have plump, fuller lips […]

Chemical Peels: At Home or In-Office?

One of the fabulous perks of my job is that I get to sample all the things that the Chow Center for Facial Plastic Surgery has to offer. The latest thing I have tried is our in-office medical grade Vivité glycolic peel. Vivité is a line of medical grade skin care products from the same […]

Get Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair

I have tons of YouTube subscriptions, and recently I stumbled across a vlog on epilating, which is the process of removing hair by its roots. (I totally admire her by the way; it takes a lot of self-confidence to epilate your upper lip and under arms in front of the world). I had never even […]

How to Lengthen your Lashes- Mascara

Although the length and volume of our eyelashes is largely determined by our DNA, there are options out there that can help those of us with little or no lashes achieve that length and full-bodied look we desire. Mascara is perhaps the most traditional and common way to longer lashes. The way you apply the […]

How to get Camera Ready

Whether you are getting ready for a family portrait or even a press conference, here are some make up tips to ensure that you are camera ready: Start Clean, Refreshed, and Moisturized. Make sure you have a good night sleep and cleanse your face thoroughly. Also, stay moisturized throughout the day. The camera can easily […]

Plastic Sugery after Divorce

Read about how the 43 year old Alicia Hunter, a mother of two, lost 60 pounds, and used a few cosmetic procedures after her divorce to help reinvent herself.

Iron those Wrinkles Away

Find out why more regular men are getting Botox to stay competitive in the job field. A quick 30 minute, non-invasive procedure will get rid of wrinkles and help men and women look younger.

Skin Care Mistakes you may be making

Find out how to avoid common mistakes that prevent you from getting great skin!


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