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Five Tips for a Youthful Face

Inevitably, everyone gets wrinkles. However, the way you take care of your skin and the preventative measures you take will really make a difference as you get older. We all want to keep the wrinkles away as long as possible, and we all want to look younger. Here are five effective ways to reduce and […]

When Less is More for Men

Women still outnumber men in the number of cosmetic procedures they have, which is why most advertising for plastic surgery is still tailored for women. However, the number of men receiving plastic surgery is on the rise. In increasingly competitive work and social environments, men are caring about their appearance and aging more than ever. […]

Getting Rid of That Turkey Neck

Due to a variety of factors, including aging, weight loss, or even genetics, some people have the dreaded “turkey neck.” A “turkey neck” is when the skin underneath your chin is loose and hangs. This can also look just like a double chin in some cases due to the extra skin and fat around the […]

Filling in the Facts

Fillers are actually quite amazing at erasing signs of aging or weight loss (read this article for more information on how weight loss can make you look older). In fifteen to thirty minutes, fillers can erase the signs of stress, worry, aging, or gauntness in your face. Since fillers are thousands of dollars cheaper than […]

Skin Care Tips for the Modern Woman

For most of us, our faces are exposed to the elements more than any other parts of our bodies. Regardless of whether or not you wear makeup on a daily basis, your face suffers from the “daily grime.” There is natural oil build-up, the dirt and pollutants that penetrate into your pores, and finally, the […]

Getting Old by Exercising?

Can you believe that exercising can make you look older? Losing weight can also take a toll on your face as you age. Why? Think about the “baby fat” we all have as infants and toddlers. This fat keeps our faces looking young. As we age, we lose that fat. And unfortunately, this attractive, youthful […]

Do Your Eyes Look Tired? Try Some of These Tips

One of the facial features that people find the most important or attractive is the eyes. Besides the overall face, eyes are important because people focus the most on them. After all, when you talk or look at someone, you usually make eye contact first. The eyes are often believed to be more interesting than […]

Black Market Plastic Surgery Can Be Harmful to Your Health

In the rough and tumble of today’s tough economy, all of us are always looking for ways to save money. However, when it comes to choosing cosmetic procedures, which are medical treatments, trying to pay less in the black market can lead to disastrous consequences. Bad plastic surgeries or aesthetic treatments are occurring more frequently, […]

Plastic Surgery is Becoming More Mainstream

Los Angeles has long been famous as a major center of the beauty, fashion, and especially entertainment industries. The cities in Los Angeles and Orange Counties are frequently listed as having the most attractive people as well. With recent advances in facial plastic surgery and nonsurgical treatments, more and more people can look as young […]

Men Have Plastic Surgery, Too

I am blessed to have a job where one of my responsibilities is to browse the web. As I was reading about the latest news and gossip, I stumbled across this article about More Men Getting Plastic Surgery (though they’re not likely to talk about it). I thought it was interesting that more men are […]


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