In the summer, we all tend to have more oily skin. By mid-afternoon, enough oil can accumulate to give the face an unwashed, unkempt appearance. The oil on our skin helps to lock in moisture and keep the face looking hydrated. Unfortunately for some, too much oil is unsightly and counterproductive, often contributing to the development of acne. Therefore, here are a few tips on minimizing such problems from the Chow Center for Facial Plastic Surgery:

1. Wash your face daily, but avoid a harsh product that removes all oil. If your face feels "squeaky clean" and dry after washing, it probably means that you have stripped too much oil away from your skin. Your body will then work doubly hard to produce more oil. Use a more gentle cleanser instead – one that will thoroughly clean your face but still retain moisture.

2. Use a moisturizer! Many people have the misguided belief that having oily skin means avoiding moisturizer. But moisturized and oily are two separate conditions. Oil will seal in moisture, but does not replace it. As we age, we tend to lose more skin moisture. Using a product with glycol acid will help exfoliate and reduce sebum build up in your skin, giving you a more youthful appearance.

3. Doctors can also offer several professional treatments, such as topical or oral drugs. This may cause your skin to "dry up" and produce less oil.

4. Some temporary solutions that offer quick fixes in oil control are over the counter products such as astringent or toner containing alcohol. Anti-shine primer, which is applied before foundation make up, is also useful. Dabbing away excess facial oil using tissue blotting paper is another alternative.