Summer is almost here! Hopefully, by now, you have read my last article, and you are starting to get your skin in shape. Another great part of summer is that you travel a little more often. It’s starting to get much hotter, so many people travel more often to beaches, lakes, or parks for all the fun summer activities. So when you are on the go or traveling often, what are some tips and tricks to looking fabulous?

Drink lots of water. While you are busy running around, you will often forget to keep yourself hydrated. One of the most important rules to staying healthy is to drink lots of water so that you can flush out the impurities from your system. If you are healthy, it will reflect in the quality of your skin!

Use sunscreen. Keep a travel size sunscreen in your purse at all times, and remember to reapply. Protection from the sun is one of the most effective ways to keep wrinkles and hyperpigmentation at bay. These two things are some of the most tell tale signs that give away your age. Keep your skin looking fresh by protecting it from the sun’s harmful rays!

Don’t forget your lips! I admit it—I am completely addicted to Chapstick! I cannot go anywhere without it since I like to make sure that my lips are protected and moisturized. I also use a lip balm that is slightly tinted so that even if I don’t apply lipstick, I still have some color to brighten up my face even if I am not wearing any makeup. This is also really useful while you are on the go, since you can quickly swipe it on and you don’t even need a mirror to apply it!

Exfoliate regularly. It’s important to exfoliate your skin, and help get rid of the dead skin cells on the surface. For example, look at the heels of your feet. Most of the time, without exfoliation they get dry, flakey, and cracked. The skin on your face can do the same. Make sure you exfoliate and moisturize to keep your skin fresh and glowing!

Lush Lashes. I use Latisse so that my lashes look darker, longer, and thicker. It’s made such a difference that I no longer even really need to apply mascara on a daily basis, and I no longer take the time to apply false lashes. This really makes a difference when you are on the go all the time. It basically takes out a step in your makeup/morning routine to give you some more time! Now when I am on the go, all I need is a quick curl with the eyelash curler and I am ready to go!

What things do you carry with you when you travel? How do you stay looking fresh while running around all day? Share your tips and tricks below!