‘Tis the season to relax and enjoy the holidays. Vacation from work and school gives people time to spend with friends and family. This also means that you will have many opportunities for picture taking! When I know I am going to be taking a lot pictures, I definitely use different products, and apply my makeup differently. With all the social media tools now available for everyone to see your pictures instantly, you definitely want to look your best. Follow these tips to ensure that you look picture-perfect for the holidays!

Use a primer. A primer will help create a nice even canvas for the rest of your makeup. Plus, it will help your makeup last. You want to use primer if you have skin that needs more coverage or if you will be doing that smoky eye look so that your makeup will last throughout the day and night. One of my favorite primers is the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, which helps to fill in fine lines and pores for a flawless finish. For my eyes, whenever I decide to use a darker smoky look, I use Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion to prevent smudging, smearing, and creasing.

HD Foundation. There are many ways to apply your face makeup, and it really depends on how my skin looks for that particular day. If my skin is blotchy with breakouts, I usually opt for my Makeup Forever HD Foundation topped off with whatever foundation powder I happen to be using (to set the foundation). Brands like Makeup Forever and Smashbox have specially formulated foundations to look good in pictures despite harsh lighting. If I am having a good skin day, I use tinted moisturizer and set it with the Laura Mercier Setting Powder. I actually prefer this combination if my skin is clear; it always looks great in pictures! But the best way to figure out your own combination is to test it out. Apply your makeup and take tons of pictures until you find the right combo!

Eyelashes. Your eyelashes help your eyes stand out in pictures. Usually, in photos, if you are not blessed with thick, dark lashes, they can disappear. If it’s a special occasion, I usually wear fake eyelashes for extra definition. However, now that I have been using Latisse for a couple months, my lashes have grown so dark and thick that I don’t really need fake eyelashes anymore!

Whiten your teeth. Do you smoke, or drink a lot of coffee? Use an at-home whitener (or visit the dentist) to get those teeth sparkly clean! I recently reviewed my pictures from last weekend, and I noticed that one of my friends had horribly yellow teeth. You really don’t want that to show since you will be smiling so often! Since I am a coffee addict, I also always use toothpaste that has whitening and stain fighting included so that my teeth don’t become discolored and tainted.

Oil Absorbing Sheets. Carry oil absorbing sheets on you at all times! You definitely do not want to look shiny from oil in your pictures. A great brand that I have been using since high school is Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets. It gets the job done by absorbing excess oil without smearing your makeup. If you are still concerned about smearing your makeup when using the oil sheets, blot instead of wiping your face!

How do you keep yourself looking picture perfect? Share your tips below!