After the nice long Memorial Day Weekend last week, many of us were exhausted when we headed back to work. With the modern hectic lifestyle, everyone gets tired. Whether it’s working long hours, spending time out with friends, or staying up all night with a sick child, sleep deprivation seems to be more and more common every day. So grab a caffeinated beverage and try these suggestions on how to look brighter and more energetic despite the lack of sleep!

Rejuvenate your face. When you are tired, it shows on your face. Fine lines and wrinkles stand out more, and—if you are like me—your skin can become red and blotchy. First off, start with a clean palette. Wash your face with cold water to wake it up, and then moisturize to help the blotchy spots. Afterwards, be sure not to apply too much makeup. Most people just pile on foundation and concealer in an effort to mask the tiredness. When you are tired and cake on too much makeup, it actually makes you look more tired! So go with the most important product, concealer. I usually just apply this to my under eye area and any other imperfections. Then finish off with a loose powder and a little bit of blush or bronzer to add some color to your face.

Brighten your eyes. Put some cold teabags or cucumbers on your eyes to help reduce the puffiness. However, most of us won’t have time in the morning to do that so once again, concealer will have to do. Another simple trick is to line the inter corners and inner under waterline of your eye with white eyeliner or an eye brightener. This gives the appearance of making your eyes seem bigger and more awake. Carry some eye drops with you to get rid of any redness in your eyes. Bloodshot eyes will be a dead giveaway of your tired state; so don’t forget to moisturize your eyes too!

Also, make an effort to drink plenty of water. When we guzzle caffeine to get through the day, many folks forget (or don’t know) that caffeine is a diuretic. So try to drink about 8 cups of water each day to keep hydrated. Do you get enough sleep and rest, but are still getting comments that you look tired all the time? Stay tuned next week for more permanent solutions on how to look more energetic and youthful!