What is your normal makeup routine? I don’t usually put much on, since I don’t like the feeling of a lot of product on my face. For my birthday recently, one of my girlfriends gave me a gorgeous highlighter blush. Given my dislike of too much makeup, I hadn’t really used one before. Still, I had to use this gift! I ended up loving it so much that it has become an important part of my daily routine!

Highlighting is important because it can accentuate your best features and also hide imperfections. A little goes a long way! Since I have a highlighter/blush combo (bobbiebrown.com), I just brush a bit on top of my cheekbones (over my bronzer). It definitely helps to define my cheeks, making them stand out far more than before. Not only that, but highlighting your cheekbones can also help draw attention away from any bags beneath your eyes! It can brighten your facial appearance, making you look healthier and happier.

Another great makeup trick is to highlight the top of the bridge of your nose. This will not only make your face appear more oval and longer, but it can also give you the appearance of a taller, straighter nose (which many Asians desire).

Do you incorporate highlighting or contouring into your beauty routine? Share your tips and tricks below!