Foundation make-up is used to smooth and disguise skin imperfections in order to provide the appearance of flawless skin so many of us seek. But using the wrong foundation can make bad skin look even worse. Remember that your foundation shouldn't give you that caked-on look. Nor should it exaggerate or deepen the creases on your face. One rule of thumb is to choose a foundation color that closely matches the color of your skin. I've included some additional suggestions below:

First of all, determine your skin type. With the large variety of foundation make up available, you should choose one that fits your skin type. If you are not sure about your skin type, please read "How To Identify Your Skin Type".

Once you know your skin type, you can choose your foundation. It is most often found as a liquid, a cream, or a powder. Tinted moisturizers or concealers can also be used depending on the coverage area you need.

Liquid Foundation1. Liquid Foundation provides light to medium coverage of the face and is great for all skin types. It evens out skin tone and can provide moisture to the skin as it is absorbed. Liquid foundation is also easily applied with your fingers or a make-up sponge. You should be careful to spread the foundation evenly on your face to avoid heavy streaks or blotches

Cream Foundation2. Cream Foundation provides medium to full coverage of the face and is ideal for normal, dry, and combination skin. It evens out skin tone and is great for photography, as it is thicker in consistency. Distribute the foundation evenly across your face with a make-up sponge or a foundation brush. Two or three applications can be done to chief fuller coverage.

Powder Foundation3. Powder Foundation is available in loose or pressed powder form. This provides light coverage and blends well for oily skin. Powder foundation can be applied with ease using a dense make-up brush. It also absorbs oil to create a matte finish. Touch ups may be necessary over the course of the day.

If you prefer minimal coverage, you may want to use a tinted moisturizer. This will give you that natural, no make-up look. Tinted moisturizer is great for those who just want a little more color. If you are looking for full coverage for that big night out (or a photo-shoot), some make-up artists apply concealer directly to the face. This works best for normal, combination, or dry skin, and should not be done too often, since it can be extremely thick and lead to acne break outs.

Test colors by applying a small amount to your nose. The color should blend well with your skin. If you are still stumped, ask a discerning friend or someone behind the make-up counter at a department store. Remember, the right foundation, like flawless skin, never goes out of style!