There are many types of facelift procedures that can be performed, one of which is called a mini facelift. As we age, our body’s collagen production naturally slows down and skin loses its elasticity. Repetitive movements of the facial muscles also contribute to the formation of wrinkles, which can give you an older-looking appearance.

If you are noticing fine lines and wrinkles, loose skin, and/or other common signs of aging on your face but are apprehensive about getting a full facelift, a mini facelift may be the right procedure for you.

What Exactly Is a Mini Facelift?

A mini facelift, which is also called a “weekend facelift,” concentrates on tightening loose and sagging skin in the lower portion of your face. This procedure is far less extensive in comparison to a conventional facelift.

Incisions for a mini facelift are generally shorter and are made around the ears or under the chin.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Mini Facelift?

You are a good candidate for a mini facelift if:

  • You are young and are starting to experience facial sagging due to low collagen production.
  • You have loose skin around the mouth and jawline and can visibly notice wrinkles and sagging cheeks.
  • You are in your late 30s and want to take preventative or corrective action quickly.
  • Your budget and time for the treatment are restricted.
  • You are happy with your forehead and brow line and don’t need to undergo a full facelift.
  • You want a less-invasive surgery.
  • You are looking for natural results.

What to Expect

The procedure for a mini facelift is less complicated than a traditional facelift. You may be administered either a local anesthetic with sedation or general anesthesia before your surgery. Talk to Dr. Chow about the best method for your particular needs prior to your procedure.

Dr. Chow will mark and then make several small incisions around the ears or under the chin. She will then tighten the skin, remove any excess tissue, and close the incisions with stitches. A mini facelift generally takes about two hours to complete, but individual surgery times will vary.

The Healing Process

Since mini facelifts are not as invasive as their traditional counterparts, recovery time is significantly shorter. Generally, it takes three to five days to recover from a mini-facelift procedure, and you can resume your normal daily activities after this period.

Stitches are typically removed around seven days after surgery during a follow-up appointment. During your follow-up appointment, Dr. Chow will make sure your incisions are healing properly and that there are no complications stemming from your procedure.

Ask Dr. Chow about any questions or concerns you may have regarding your plan of recovery.

Learn More About the Mini Facelift

If you think you could benefit from a mini facelift and are interested in learning more about this rejuvenating procedure, contact the office of Dr. Jen Chow to schedule a consultation today. Dr. Chow is a double-board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who will answer all your questions regarding the mini-facelift procedure.