As a person’s face loses collagen protein and volumizing fat with age, lines and wrinkles begin to form in the skin. To combat these natural effects of the aging process, many people are seeking an non-surgical and convenient treatment like Sculptra. Sculptra is an injectable poly-L-lactic acid gel used to promote and stimulate collagen protein growth, easing away wrinkles.

When Sculptra is introduced within the deep dermal skin layer, the body miraculously responds by creating new fibroblast cells, which are known for producing collagen. The fibroblasts then get to work, telling the dermis to make replacement collagen that was once lost with age. This results in smooth, wrinkle-free skin that helps to “sculpt” and rejuvenate the face without the aid of surgical techniques.

Experienced board-certified Arcadia facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jen Chow is available to discuss Sculptra with you. Find out more about our wrinkle-reduction options – contact our office to arrange a consultation.