Collagen production is all the rage these days. It’s an essential component when it comes to having silky smooth and youthful looking skin. Sculptra is a type of dermal filler that is used to increase the rate of collagen production in one’s body.

It lasts longer than many other cosmetic filler options and produces visible improvements that reveal themselves over the course of time.

Get The Low-Down On Sculptra

Sculptra is made of poly-L-lactic acid. When it is injected into a specific area, it stimulates collagen production. Collagen is the protein responsible for keeping your skin looking smooth and healthy.

When the skin begins to show signs of age such as wrinkles and fine lines, this is a sign that the collagen production in your body has decreased. A decrease in collagen is a natural part of the aging process and gives a person a much older look. Fortunately, Sculptra works to slow down the aging process by stimulating collagen production, resulting in a much more youthful look.

Sculptra is FDA approved which means it is very safe to use in different types of skin. It is used by both men and women to counteract the effects of aging.

The Sculptra Difference

Sculptra is different from other dermal fillers. It acts slowly over a period of time with results that continue to improve over the course of time.

The results provided by this treatment are slower to show up when compared to other options, but as they develop, you will reap the benefits of the treatment for a long time to come. It is not a quick band-aid solution. It is a solution that is long lasting. It also has the added benefit of looking natural, so other people won’t guess that you’ve had any work done.

Other treatments work on the basis of scheduling a treatment every few months to maintain a youthful look. Sculptra is given as multiple injections with a break between each session. After completing a Sculptra treatment, the results can last for up to two years.

Sculptra isn’t just for wrinkles. It also changes the texture of the skin for the better. The skin starts glowing as collagen production ramps up with the texture becoming smoother as time goes by.

Other fillers are composed of hyaluronic acid and typically only treat a single area with the results lasting for several months in the best possible situations. Sculptra affects the foundation of the face working to restore the underlying structure of the skin. It is a poly-L-lactic acid that provides long-lasting results.

Even after two years, most patients just need a single treatment a year which makes it one of the most cost-effective treatments available.

Why a Fat Transfer Technique Isn’t So Preferable

Most people are more attracted to a fat transfer treatment because they deem it to be more natural. After all, you’re using your own fat, right? There are a few disadvantages to a fat transfer which makes Sculptra a far more attractive option.

  • You need to obtain enough donor fat which may require another procedure.
  • Fat isn’t a smooth substance – there is a real chance it can appear lumpy and uneven when transferred.
  • Even if the surgery was done many years ago, when the patient gains weight, fat can expand.
  • The face has a tendency to reabsorb fat which will result in patients returning back to where they started.

Scheduling an appointment with a surgeon who is trained to perform a Sculptra treatment is the best way to learn more about this revolutionary skin treatment option.

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