Interested in getting a neck lift but feeling worried about the recovery process? You’re not alone. Many people let their fear of surgery hold them back from reaching their beauty goals. Instead of falling victim to these fears, it’s better to educate yourself about neck lift recovery.

Part of the neck lift recovery process is the removal of any healing aids placed during and after the surgery. Sutures placed around the ear and under the chin will be removed anywhere from five to ten days from the date of the procedure.

You will wear a thick bandage around your face and neck for 24 hours, which will then be exchanged for a thinner compression band for the next three weeks to keep fluid from building up in the area while tissues continue to heal. After a week, it can be worn during the night only and removed during the day.

To aid in the healing process, you’ll need to take off from work for around two weeks. Avoid physically taxing activities for three to six weeks after the neck lift. Eat softer foods that aren’t chewing-intensive for about two days.

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