Rhinoplasty helps to reshape the nose and give it a better and more attractive shape and overall appearance. During rhinoplasty, it is important to retain certain nasal features intrinsic to the patient’s culture, race, and ethnicity; too many changes will look unnatural and will not suit the face.

The Asian continent consists of people from many different races and ethnicities with many different nose shapes. People from the Indian subcontinent have noses that differ in size, width, length, and shape from people of Middle Eastern origin, who typically have naturally sharper and longer noses.

East Asian people, Korean, Malay, and Chinese people often have smaller and stubbier noses. A Chinese person should not use rhinoplasty to get too straight and long of a nose, as it wouldn’t suit them naturally.

Due to social pressures, economic pressures, and personal reasons, everyone wants to look more attractive nowadays. Looking more attractive doesn’t just help you in your personal life – it will help you in your professional life as well. The nose is usually the first feature that most people want to change.

What Kind of Changes Can You Get with Asian Rhinoplasty?

Unlike general rhinoplasty, which can change anything about the person’s nose, Asian rhinoplasty is a bit less invasive and won’t make as many changes to the nose:

  • Strong nasal bridge – Asian rhinoplasty can help patients achieve a stronger and sharper nasal bridge, as many Asians have a flat nasal bridge. The surgeon will use a natural tissue graft (usually cartilage) from the patient’s body to enhance the bridge of the nose and make it look sharper and more defined.
  • More prominent nose – Asian rhinoplasty can help enlarge the nose to balance it with the rest of the face, as the face tends to be quite wide. The nose will be restructured and lengthened so that it matches the proportions of the eyes and mouth. It will balances with the rest of the face without dramatically changing how the person looks.
  • Sharper nasal tip – Asian noses tend to have a round or wide nasal tip, and Asian rhinoplasty can sharpen the nasal tip. It can use cartilage grafts to improve the appearance of the nasal tip and make it look more refined.
  • Narrower nostrils – Asian noses usually have round nostrils. When the tip of the nose is being sharpened, the nostrils automatically become narrower, which is a way to create almond-shaped nostrils (which are often desirable). The surgeon can make the nostrils even narrower from the inside.

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Asian rhinoplasty may be the perfect way for you to retain your aesthetic cultural identity while enhancing the appearance of your nose. It must be done carefully by an experienced and knowledgeable facial plastic surgeon who understands the importance of giving you an attractive nose while at the same time retaining your original ethnic appearance.

To find out more about this procedure, speak with Dr. Jen Chow during a consultation. Dr. Chow is double-board-certified in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as head and neck surgery and will be happy to help.