Almost everyone has a strong impression about the minimally invasive injectables and cosmetic procedures that are available today.

Unfortunately, misconceptions about aesthetic procedures abound. Many people believe that almost all plastic surgery results in an “overdone” appearance, but the opposite is actually true. For example, over 2.6 million people received Botox last year in the United States alone, and 1.6 million received some type of facial filler.

This means you probably know someone who has had Botox or a minimally invasive filler, such as Juvederm, Radiesse, or Sculptra. When performed by a qualified facial plastic surgeon, this image enhancement goes virtually unnoticed by the casual observer. You simply look more energetic, or refreshed, and younger. In fact, one of the major goals for cosmetic procedures is to have the most natural final result possible.

Are you thinking about ways to improve your appearance or maintain your looks? Here are some tips to help you get the best results possible!

Don’t bargain shop. I admit it—I love bargain shopping! I get at least 20 emails a day from all sorts of flash shopping websites. But this is your face. And we aren’t talking about buying soda, which is the same product regardless of where it is bought. While Botox should be the same from any reputable facial plastic surgeon, you want to know that it is administered appropriately, safely, and effectively. And in the right hands, any discomfort can be minimized. Be wary of prices that seem too good to be true. This may result in unsafe products being injected (some may be purchased on the gray or black market) or having someone who is not well-trained (occasionally even unqualified) performing the procedure.

Choose a good doctor. According to, a consumer review and information site for cosmetic procedures, those who chose a board-certified doctor all agree that Botox and other facial fillers are definitely worth it! However, for those who didn’t go to a board certified doctor find that their percentage of satisfaction plummet to about 60%! That is why you should choose always do your research and choose a facial plastic surgeon that has the right qualifications. You want someone who is trained in facial plastics! Any doctor can claim to be a plastic surgeon, so it is up to you to research their real qualifications.

Be realistic. Don’t think that a minimally invasive injectable is going to work miracles. It’s true that they can make you look younger, get rid of wrinkles, cost less than surgery, and have pretty much no downtime. However, sometimes there is only so much that fillers or Botox can do. Sometimes to get the results that you desire, you need to go with a surgical approach. That is why it is also important to have a knowledgeable facial plastic surgeon that will be able to give you his or her honest opinion and let you know what really can and cannot be done.

Stay tuned to learn the differences between muscle relaxers and dermal fillers!