Summer is one of my favorite seasons, especially in Southern California. You get nice hot days for outdoor activities such as lounging at the pool or beach, and wonderfully cool nights for barbeques and hanging out. However, with all the busy activities that summer days and nights provide, it’s hard not to make a couple beauty blunders along the way – especially when you need to make your look last from day to night. So here are some issues that I have had to deal with because of the hot weather and long days; hopefully it will help you to avoid and prevent them!

Make your makeup last. One of the most common beauty problems that the summer heat causes is that your makeup melts and/or sweats right off very easily. I can’t tell you how many times my eye shadow and eyeliner used to smudge and crease throughout the day. It can be a little difficult to have to touch up your eye shadow and eyeliner multiple times a day (since it takes longer than fixing your powder). So when I know it’s going to be hot, and I have a long day, I use an eye primer. An eye primer is one of the best ways to help your liner and shadow not smudge and crease so that they last all day.

Perfect your eyeliner. One of the biggest problems is when my eyeliner smudges. I hate this even more than my eye shadow creasing! Since I always use black eyeliner, it looks horrible when black make up smudges everywhere. I had to carry Q-tips around all the time to fix my smeared eyeliner constantly throughout the day. It’s also a recurrent problem for those who have single (rather than double) eyelids. Once again, a primer will help the liner stay put and not smudge. Another trick to keep your liner in place is to use a waterproof liquid or gel liner over a pencil liner. Or if you are a makeup maven, you can just use the gel or liquid liner by itself.

De-frizz. Luckily in Southern California, we don’t really have to deal with humidity, which means your hair is less likely to frizz. However, every time I go to the beach, the wind and salty air can make it look a bit crazy. One of the best ways to prevent frizz or bad hair days is to pre-emptively prepare your hair. If you think it’s going to be a day when your hair will frizz, use a hair serum to keep it looking sleek and smooth. If it’s a day when you think it will be windy, use hairspray or some hair wax to keep your hair in place. It is far easier to prepare for the problem than try to fix it after.

So what are your tips are tricks to make your look last throughout the day? Share them below!