Have you ever wondered how celebrities and stars manage to maintain flawless skin for those countless close-ups, despite their hectic schedule? Worse still, they often spend their days in heavy make-up. Some days, I feel as though I’ve spent a lifetime seeking the answer to this riddle.

Fortunately, actress Kerry Washington of the television show Scandal has shared some of her secrets to having radiant skin in a recent article, you can read more about it here. Kerry has admitted that she did not always have the perfect, clear skin we see on television and in magazines. She once suffered from eczema, a condition that causes bumpy red rashes to erupt on the skin. However, she realized that beauty comes from within, and that this concept applies to the foods we eat. Simply drinking enough water, taking fish oil, and cutting back on dairy and sugar had a huge effect on the way her skin looks and feels.

Kerry Washington also shared another secret to silky skin: on the days she can forego heavy foundation, she chooses to let her skin breathe as much as possible by only using a light concealer.  One of my favorite products is the iS Clinical Eclipse PerfectTint Sunscreen (retails for $44).  It’s a sunscreen with a slight tint, so you can cover, protect, and moisturize your face all in one!  It’s perfect for daily use.  It is important to let your skin recuperate, and I try to have at least one day each week where I do not wear make-up.

Try making Sundays your makeup-free day. Paired with an excellent moisturizer, such as the SkinMedica Rejuvenative Moisturizer (retails for $60), you can feel refreshed and ready to conquer the week ahead!

Image Source: Getty/Jason LaVeris