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Category Archives: Rhinoplasty

Choosing between the office and the surgery center

When it comes to the advancements made in cosmetic surgery, more and more people are having aesthetic procedures with less and less downtime. Plastic surgery is safer, more effective, and more affordable than ever before. But the fact that plastic surgery and cosmetic in-office procedures have become so accessible does not discount the fact that […]

A Study Shows Combo Chin, Nose Surgery is Effective

Get the perfect nose and chin combination A new study from Italian researchers shows that having chin augmentation with nose surgery is stable over time. Facial plastic surgeons will often recommend having a chin implant to enhance a weak chin (called microgenia). This allows for a superior cosmetic outcome with appropriate proportions to the face. […]

The Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures in 2012

Each year, around this time, the most popular plastic surgery procedures are totaled. Usually the most popular procedures such as Botox, breast implants, or rhinoplasties, continue to stay high in demand. However, there are some unexpected new increases in other procedures as well! Read more to see what plastic surgery procedures have been increasing in […]

Looking Younger is Your Nose’s Job, Too

When people decide to get nasal reshaping (rhinoplasty, often called a nose job), they usually want to fix an imperfection such as a bump, a low nasal bridge, or to make the nose smaller. Others need to fix a breathing problem (by getting a septoplasty), or have experienced a traumatic injury to their nose. Most […]

Thinking about Cosmetic Surgery? Don’t Make These Mistakes!

Even though the economy has been suffering, the number of people receiving cosmetic or plastic surgery has increased and is still on the rise. Knowing about these plastic surgery mistakes that no one talks about is more important than ever. So if you are considering or have decided to go forward with a cosmetic procedure, […]

When Less is More for Men

Women still outnumber men in the number of cosmetic procedures they have, which is why most advertising for plastic surgery is still tailored for women. However, the number of men receiving plastic surgery is on the rise. In increasingly competitive work and social environments, men are caring about their appearance and aging more than ever. […]

Preview your look before Nose Surgery

“Nose Surgery,” or rhinoplasty, is one of the most sought after cosmetic procedures for patients under 35, according to the American Acadmey of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. New technology, however, is helping potential patients visualize what their new noses might look like. Imaging sessions allows you to upload your own picture taken in the […]

16th Century Diagrams of the Earliest Rhinoplasty

A 16th century book detailing one of the earliest rhinoplasty operations came to light when it was sold at auction. The operations were carried out to repair faces that had been wounded in battle. The tome is illustrated with diagrams in which the patient's nose was attached to a flap of skin from his upper […]

A Quick and Easy Way to Erase Facial Lines and Add Volume

From fuller lips to jaw contouring, a brief session with your facial plastic surgeon can achieve the cosmetic goals you want! Read here to find out the many uses of Botox and fillers injectables.

Mutilated Afgan Girl Gets a New Nose

Aisha, who had her nose cut off by her husband, now has a new nose after reconstructive facial plastic surgery. Read about it here.


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